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Individual Consultations: Learn about your Ayurvedic constitution and take charge of your own health. Become empowered to make dietary and lifestyle choices which will bring you towards greater balance and vitality.

Group Wellness: Grab some friends to detox, learn about self care, and enjoy some nourishing body work. Each participant will receive a mini doshic analysis with some basic recommendations. Private yoga and cleanse options available.

Relationship Wellness: Get to know your partner a little better. Learn about you and your partner’s Ayurvedic constitution to gain insights into your emotional tendencies. By learning more about these tendencies, you’ll better understand triggers for undesirable interactions and conflict. An Ayurvedic relationship consultation can help you and your partner learn to better understand each others natural strengths and weaknesses, leading to more positive communication styles and greater problem solving skills.

Wellness for the Workplace: If you are the CEO or manager of a business, Ayurveda can be helpful in creating a more cohesive work environment. Learn organizational skills and how to communicate and better work with various personalities. Create a more positive work environment to support greater efficiency. Also learn about new lifestyle practices to help manage the stress of running a company in today’s modern world.

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