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My love for yoga stems from how it makes me feel, not just in the studio, but as I go along with my daily activities.  Traditionally the asanas, or physical postures, and pranayama, or breath work, help to create a pattern of focus and discipline.  Simply translated, the work done on your mat strengthens the body and allows the mind to become less affected by the constantly moving waves of the world.  When prana, our life-force, becomes stuck or flows improperly, our bodies and minds are more affected by these waves, and we can fall into various states of "dis-ease."  Chronic anxiety, anger, and depression are perfect examples of what can result from altered states of prana flow. Proper alignment and practiced use of the breath allow for prana to flow more naturally.  With this philosophy in mind, I aim to let yogis feel the alignment in postures, the flow of prana that follows, and the resetting of the nervous system that results.   

Now scheduling private yoga sessions by appointment.


Mammoth Yoga Festival

Check back soon for classes and dates!

Introduction to Ayurveda in Verbier!

I’m bringing some Ayurveda to the Swiss Alps! Join me in April 28th at WholeyCow Yoga Studio!

Introduction to Ayurveda

Kick off the new year with Ayurveda! Join me for this series of 3 classes, where we’ll delve into yoga’s sister science. Sign up online with mountainsolyoga.com

Chai chats 

Join me every 3rd Wednesday from 10:30-11:45am at Mountain Sol Yoga & Holistic Healing in Mammoth Lakes.  We'll discuss topics on Ayurveda, lifestyle and wellness, and enjoy a cup of fresh brewed tea.  This is a community event, free of charge and open to the public.   

October 17th: Anxiety & Vata Dosha November 14th: Balance Through the Holidays December 19th: Ayurveda Basics

Fall Cleanse

October 21-28.  Simplify diet and lifestyle for a week. Hit the reset button before the winter season moves in!  For more information email rootsandsage@gmail.com.